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Useful Knowledges for Parents
  • 2017-01-13 14:41:36
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Useful Knowledges for Parents

A new born come to this world,the parents should make  full preparations to meet it. To take good care of the baby,parent need to know something about the tips for diaper.

How many diapers you need?

Mommies often wonder that how many diapers they need. Usually, every baby would dirty the diaper every few hours,so you need to change about 5 diapers for a baby every day.

You should prepare extra diapers in diapers bag, or in the relatives you often drop in.

Notice:Babies grow fast in the first 2 years. Estimating the weight your baby will increase and buy a lot of diapers.Do not reserve amount of diapers in case that these diaper will be too small to fit your baby.

Estimation by APP,3 000 pieces of diaper are needed in the first year after baby born.

The style of diaper

Standard disposable baby diaper can meet the requirement of daily use. There are also some diaper more professional in usage.For example, special waterproof diaper is needed for babies are swimming. When the start of toilet training,there are still many choices,disposable baby diaper and training pants are included.

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