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Premature infant care:tips for diapering
  • 2016-10-27 15:56:05
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Premature infant caretips for diapering

After premature infant discharged, daily care work such as diapering is in the charge of you. You are likely to have problem even you have been trained for all skills in NICU(neonatal intensive care unit). To learn more knowledge about baby and diapering is necessary.

materials selection

In NICU, baby may use paper diaper, but you may choose some cloth diaper that fit your family burden at home.

premature baby infant can safely use diaper in every brand, there are disposable diaper or cloth diaper that specially prepared for premature baby in shops and other services.

Good diaper habits helps cultivate good sleeping habits

When you wake up at midnight to nurse baby, youd better diaper for baby before this, which can reduce stimulation and improve babys sleeping quality at night.


Make use of good feelings of cloth diaper

Bear in mind:Do not feel that your baby is different from other because he or she wear diapers for premature babies.

Taking care of baby is primary task, premature babies is likely to be small and weak,but as time goes, you will be full of confident for your baby. You are the best guardian of baby. You can listen to others advice, actively seek others help, you will safely pull through with your baby.



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