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Meet the conditions of baby diapers use at night
  • 2016-12-20 17:30:34
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To have diversion fractional absorption technology absorption, can absorb the baby many times of urine  ( wet times a night before the age of 1 general for 3-4 times, and the total is generally not more than 300 ml)

The baby's urine in humid environment, it is easy to combine with oxygen in the air and breeding ground for bacteria, bacteria will be violated the baby , especially female baby,it is recommended to replace a piece every 3 hours, and bacteriostasis of diapers can change once a night, is generally not more than 12 hours.

To have best elastic waist, so that more close elastic waistline diapers, because the baby after wet, wet parts of the heavier the baby while sleeping at night is characteristic of repeatedly turn again, can't easily moves with butt , inner thighs, elastic waist better choose a breather hole, so that you can exhaust heat.

Must have the leakproof ruffled, it doesn't make urine all over the bed baby.

Preferably breathable membrane, waterproof breathable, so baby's butt is very dry, very comfortable.

Soft and comfortable, some diapers feels there is a piece of hard tool (probably absorbent polymer), baby will be very uncomfortable  one night .

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