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Why should choose right sanitary pad?

1.Sanitary pad touches famine anatomy directly when women are resistless in their menstrual period. In this period, womens resistance and immunity are extra low and bacterial content is out of limitation. And they are likely to infect gynecological disease, which also may hurt their heath and beauty.

  2.Women keep use sanitary pad for a long time. It is said that a woman need sanitary pad for 30-40 years in her life, which is totally up to 15 thousands pieces. To calculate by time, a woman would experience menstrual period about 400 times, totally near 2100 days. If one time lasts 5 days, a woman may experience 5 and half years menstrual period.

  3.At present, there are all kinds of sanitary napkin in the market, while most of them are below the market with  bacteria , microbial and chemical exceeds bid badly. Many of them are put on the market, and on the supermarket shelves with qualified label, causing customer confused. Normally they think the expensive and well packed one are good to choose. But a wrong choice may cause badly result for women. So to avoid disease and care womens heath, we should increase self protection awareness and choose our  Menstrual period partner carefully.

How to select sanitary pad correctly?

1. Then how to select sanitary pad correctly? Actually we should pay attention in comfort, water imbibition, gas permeability, and safety.

2. Ultra thin sanitary pad with super absorption capacity, soft dry surface and high quality and beat price. Bonita Sanitary napkin, with professional care for the health of women

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